EMSWORTH records the irritable observations of a Rochester, New York writer on theater, art, music, literature, political follies, and the downward spiral of American culture.  Like his hero in the stories of P. G. Wodehouse (Lord Emsworth, the Earl of Blandings), the blogger is an absent-minded, middle-aged male who likes nothing better than to be left to himself in his library.

Published on June 2, 2008 at 5:00 pm  Comments (9)  

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  1. I thought you might enjoy my reading of Shakespeare’s Sonnets.


  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I wasn’t aware of the show, but it looks great, so perhaps we’ll make it up. Much appreciated.

  3. are you making the trip to Toronto to see Cloud 9? great reviews, and a great cast featuring Shaw/Stratford regulars Ben Carlson, Evan Buliung, Yanna McIntosh, David Jansen. you should! runs until Feb. 21.

  4. Fun blog. Where do you get the fabulous art to go with your posts? I’d love to know about how to get permission to reproduce “King Lear in the Tempest Tearing off his Robe” by George Romney in this page: https://emsworth.wordpress.com/2009/01/10/king-lear-and-cordelia-on-canvas/

  5. Hi

    I’d like to link to some of your reviews. Are they categorized so that individual reviews are available as URLs are available?



  6. Emsworth, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Shoot me an email. I have a question. Thanks!

  7. Your comments on the Shakespeare authorship controversy are welcomed. But informing the issue is difficult because the entrenched academic orthodoxy has subtle ways of silencing those who do their own thinking on the subject. For an excellent expose of this form of censorship read the interview with Dr. Michael Egan, an eminent Shakespearean at http://www.playshakespeare.com/.

  8. Dear Emsworth,

    If you would like to read what Larry David thought of my comparison between he and Wodehouse, please send me an email. Best,


  9. The blogger sounds like a disturbing cross between George Will and Curt Smith, with a touch of Bartlebee thrown in for good measure. I suspect that it is all a ruse, and his true identity is Pauly Shore. Either way, good production values and good commentary; this site will ease the pain while civilization crumbles.

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